One of the latest eyebrow trends, microblading is semi permanent makeup that helps restructure the eyebrows in a natural way! Compared to permanent makeup, microblading is accomplished with the help of a manual, pen-like tool that includes a thin blade; this tool dipped into pigment , is used to redesign the eyebrow and fill in any holes, gaps or to re-frame the eyes by reinforcing a brow from nothing, by creating an ultra thin line to imitate a real hair to perfection. #microblading #microbladingeyebrows #hairstroke #hairstokebrows

4 thoughts on “Microblading 

    • Hi Amber thank you for your msg, I think you have see on our instagram that I use Tina Davies pigment, and needles and the treatment cost is £250 that includes consultation and to treat 4-6 weeks apart. I always recommend a consultation to go through the treatment this is completely. Let me know if you have any other questions xx


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