Microblading /semi-permanent Make up

Semi permanent make up

Softtap/Mircoblading is a hand method unlike modern body tattoos Softap method is gentle, noiseless and non-invasive. This technique gives the client the most natural look in semi-permanent cosmetics. Eyebrows are soft and feathery, lips are luscious and natural, and eyeliner is alluringly beautiful.

The pigment used is 100% natural. During the treatment the pigment will be colour matched to your natural colouring/skin tone. Initially the colour will appear darker due to the skins reaction and the pigment oxidation.

Is Softap right for me:

Yes, its perfect for anyone who wants permanent makeup, but wants it done gently, naturally and beautifully.
– The microblading brow treatment is suitable for clients with or without hair
– Wear makeup everyday or feel “washed out” without

– Need to pencil them brows in every day and scared they come off throughout the day – Have sparse areas in your brows and want to look younger
– No hair due to over-tweezerd ,hormonal change, age or illness.
– You have loss of pigment in the lip area

– Allergies to makeup
– You have had surgery or injuries and want to cover scars – Just to add some definition to your facial features

The treatment:

Softap colour is applied to sterilised needles and implanted under the epidermis, just at the surface of the skin’s dermal layer. This method is a very controlled and very efficient.

After the treatment the pigment rests and is recovered by the epidermis as the skin heals giving the pigment a softer look than the initial look, a follow up treatment is included in the treatment to totally finish the look, this is recommended approximately six weeks after the Initial treatment. (No longer that three months)

Does it hurt?

The first question that family and friends will ask “did it hurt”? The most common answers “It wasn’t bad at all,” “it was so relaxing ,” “tweezing hurts more”. If you are more sensitive than most just let us know and we can adapt the treatment to make you comfortable.

Fast healing results:

Because this method is so gentle there is not much swelling or redness, you will receive the Recover all ointment after your treatment and this traps the colour into the skin soothes any irritation as it instantly begins the healing process.
This result will be variable depending on skin type, sun exposure and topical cosmetic products which can cause the pigment to fade and breakdown.

To keep your treatment looking fresh a re-touch treatment is required every 10-18mnths.


microblading full brows (inc touch up)*£295.00

Colour Boost £120.00

Eye liner top £195.00

Colour boost*£100

Eye Liner Bottom £195.00

Colour boost*£100

Eye liner top & bottom £275

colour boost* £150

lip Liner £250.00

colour boost* £120

lip blush £295.00

colour boost* £150.00

Full lip colour £345.00

colour boost* £175.00

Beauty spot £50.00

colour boost*£25.00

*Colour boost recommended for all procedures after 12-18 months. £50 deposit is taken upon booking ( This is non refundable)

One thought on “Microblading /semi-permanent Make up

  1. Hello, I got my eyebrows done by Victoria Joy around October 2017 and my eyebrows and still amazing, but I was wondering when I would need a top up appointment. Not much pigment has fallen out at all


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